Learning Center

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Many times when someone first learns they have a vision problem, they turn to online research to better understand their condition. Hundreds of thousands of people have visited Cornea.org since its inception. Our goal is to continually provide up-to-date information available on latest treatments, surgical options, medication recommendations and more--all based on clinical research conducted in partnership with Price Vision Group in Indianapolis for more than 25 years. A few years ago, we introduced the Forum with a purpose to provide a central location where those with vision problems can ask questions and share their story or experience.

In the Learning Center, you will find general eye care information as well as two main learning sections--Conditions & Research Areas and Treatment Options. Feel free to browse around. If you would like to hear of others experiences, check out our Success Stories and Patient Videos or ask a question in our Facebook group. We're here to help! If you wish to consider visiting our partner clinic, learn about Traveling to Indianapolis and contact Price Vision Group at 317-844-5530 to schedule a consultation.