Fuchs' dystrophy Survey

Share your experience in the Fuchs' survey!

The Fuchs' dystrophy survey will analyze patient perceptions of diagnosis, treatment, and impact on quality of life and visual outcomes related to Fuchs' dystrophy.

It is free to participate, open to all who have Fuchs' dystrophy regardless of location or doctor and takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. 

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We're hoping to answer questions such as:
  • Average time from Fuchs' diagnosis to cornea transplant
  • Common treatment types
  • Assess other common conditions or family connections which may have a genetic component
  • Average visual acuity after a cornea transplant
  • Average out of pocket cost, and more!
Often when a patient is diagnosed many questions arise. They may find a small group of people to answer the questions they have but we're hoping to pool responses to gather a bigger picture answer to these common questions.

All responses will remain private. Only a summarized infographic report will be generated from this data.  Please submit your responses today to help answer questions for others.

Click here to take the Survey!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jessica@cornea.org or call 317-814-2993.