Strategic Direction

Founded in 1988, the Cornea Research Foundation of America (CRFA) is an internationally recognized ophthalmic research and educational organization. In over 30 years of operation, the Foundation's dedicated team has made significant contributions in the advancement of vision treatment in the United States and the world. The Strategic Plan outlines our course of action in our research programs and fundraising initiatives over the next several years.



We greatly appreciate the contributions of the Cornea Research Foundation of America’s Board of Directors in creating this Strategic Plan.


The Cornea Research Foundation will strive to achieve the following strategic imperatives over the next five years in order to meet our vision and mission.
1. Research         
2. Education & Communication   
3. Funding        
4. Board Engagement


Goal #1
Our primary goal is to continue to drive advances in cornea transplant outcomes through growth of the Cornea Transplant Database. As of 2019 we have documented outcomes for over 10,000 cornea transplants.  We plan to leverage the database through strategic data analyses to discern and document cornea transplant technique and treatment improvements to maximize visual outcomes for all those affected by corneal disease. Glaucoma has been shown to be a major risk factor of graft failure of cornea transplants. We will continue to work to find alternative treatments to mitigate the damaging effects on the donor tissue to improve the long-term graft survival.

Goal #2
Our secondary goal is to provide new vision restorative and regenerative treatments through clinical studies in collaboration with leading research partners and contemporary manufacturers around the globe. These include treatments that may delay or prevent the need for invasive eye care measures for cataracts, glaucoma, corneal problems, dry eye, and refractive eye conditions for both young and old people, to benefit people globally.



Goal #1
Educate Ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) through training and education in published peer-reviewed journal articles and textbooks, in-person presentations at global medical meetings and through in-person workshops in partnership with Price Vision Group in Indianapolis, IN.

Goal #2
Educate Optometrists (primary eye care providers) to provide more timely, accurate diagnoses, through electronic educational materials and the in-person Focus on Education Optometry seminar providing over 1,000 hours of continuing education each year in Indianapolis, IN.

Goal #3
Educate individuals to increase awareness of vision disorders and encourage seeking of the most current, most effective treatments for corneal diseases. We want to arm people in need with the knowledge, support and resources needed to  maximize their visual potential through articles, videos, phone conversations, our on-line chat group and website,


Goal #1
Build financial capacity to tackle the most important unanswered research questions for patients with Fuchs' dystrophy, glaucoma and other eye diseases by continuing to make advances, share outcomes, and build our donors' confidence in their investment in vision research.

Goal #2
Expand the Foundation's planned giving program, “The Visionary Society” by increasing awareness of this giving vehicle, the benefits of estate giving, and how those types of contributions can advance outcomes "so that all who look may see."


Goal #1
Continue cultivation of a dynamic, active and committed Board of Directors team to ensure the advancement of our strategic imperatives and provide keen oversight on operations and financials to ensure the most prudent use of our resources.

Goal #2
Engage Board members in advancing the reach of the Foundation by aiding in fundraising, education and program development.


Thank you for your interest in the future of the Cornea Research Foundation of America. Our dedicated team has created a table of objectives with measurable metrics under each of these strategic imperatives. These strong, focused objectives are closely monitored by our staff and active Board of Directors who gather for quarterly meetings. We look forward to meeting and exceeding our goals in order to help people across the world "so that all who look may see."®