Recognize an Individual

Dollarphotoclub_30632767.jpgMany of those who give the the Foundation make a contribution in tribute to a loved one. 

Here are a few examples of tribute gifts:

1. A daughter sends a gift in honor of her father who had a cornea transplant.
2. A transplant recipient makes a contribution in the memory of their cornea donor or in honor of their surgeon.
3. A transplant recipient asks that gifts upon their death be sent to the Foundation
in lieu of flowers to the family.
4. A husband sends a gift in honor of his wife's birthday after she had a cornea transplant.

On every giving opportunity with the Cornea Research Foundation, there is a space to specify that your gift is made in tribute to someone. If you include contact information including either a postal or email address to a location where you would like a notification of your gift to be sent, we will gladly take care of that for you. Every gift truly makes a difference.

Gifts made in tribute are recognized in the donor listing of our annual report each year.