Matching Gifts

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Many employers will match the gifts that their employees make to charitable organizations. It's easy to have your gift matched. Each year the Foundation receives more than $10,000 in matching gift funds--it really pays to see if your gift qualifies.

Steps to take:
1. Check to see if your employer matches gifts.
2. If so, request a matching gift form from your employer. Some employers have online systems where you report a gift. See what the procedures are for your company.
3. Send us a copy of the form with your portion completed. Even if you have already made a gift, sometimes they will still match the gift if it has been made within a certain period of time.
4. We will send the form with our portion completed verifying your gift.
5. The company will send a donation matching your gift. This may be completed on a monthly, quarterly or annual time frame.
6. You will receive notification that your gift has been matched.

Some companies will match dollar-for-dollar and some companies match gifts made from retirees and/or spouses. Remember, every dollar raised helps to bring us one step closer to stopping preventable vision loss and blindness.