Gifts of Stock

Stocks, bonds or other investment securities may be transferred to the Cornea Research Foundation as a gift either by an electronic transfer or by physically mailing the paper certificates to the Foundation. Speak to your financial advisor about what may be the best option for you. Unlike making a cash donation, when gifts of highly appreciated investment securities are made, the donor may be able to avoid the capital gains tax that sometimes is incurred when selling an investment.

Gifts of securities to the Cornea Research Foundation of America are administered by Goelzer Investment Management. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 and all contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Stock Transfer DTC Instructions
        For Stock Gifts to Cornea Research Foundation of America
        c/o Goelzer Investment Management.
Please provide a copy of this document along with a copy of the Stock Gift Form to your financial advisor.  Your financial advisor will arrange the transfer of securities to CRFA for the benefit of its research and education activities.
 Information for Your Financial Advisor:
National Financial Services, LLC
DTC Participant #  0226
Account #  677-297593
N/O Cornea Research Foundation of America
Contact Information at Goelzer Investment Management:
          Donald Hutchinson
          111 Monument Circle
          Indianapolis, IN 46204
          317.264.2618  (800.428.1618)
Contact Information at Cornea Research Foundation of America:
          Jessica Dingledy, Development Director
          9002 N. Meridian Street, Ste. 212
          Indianapolis, IN 46260