Cornea Q&A with Drs. Francis and Marianne Price

Each fall, the Cornea Research Foundation hosts an educational event to help share our vision research findings. For many years the format was a luncheon and last year, Sunday for Sight, which was a live event in our office featuring presentations from our doctors on a variety of vision conditions. The event was well-received by those in attendance but our more distant friends inquired about online learning. 
In order to meet that demand and reach a broader audience, this year we are rolling out the Cornea Research Video Series addressing some of the most common questions patients ask about to cornea problems, transplants, surgery, research findings and more!
Check out our first video featuring Dr. Francis Price, our founder and president and his wife Dr. Marianne Price, our executive director as they talk about the reason for starting the Foundation, what we do, and much more.
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