Dr. Mitchell's Gratitude

Dear Fellow Cornea Transplant Recipients,
I can vividly remember what my vision was like before I had my cornea transplants with Dr. Price. I was unable to continue normal activities and began giving up things that once brought deep joy into my life, like fishing and nature photography. The loss of vision was profound in my life and I am so grateful there was a way back.

In the past, I, like many others, used the term “it’s a miracle” very loosely. Since I had my transplants, I think I can truly say what a miracle really is.

I had my first cornea transplant in 2010 and second in 2018. I still return to Price Vision Group from Missouri every year for a checkup. Thanks to Dr. Price and my DMEK transplants, I am still able to do what I love. I particularly enjoy photography. Peering through a lens while patiently adjusting its focus and awaiting the perfect moment allows me time to reflect on the gratitude I have for my vision.

These past 13 years, we have given an annual gift to support vision research and express appreciation that this work was being done when I needed it. We think highly of the research being done through the Cornea Research Foundation spearheaded by Dr. Price. We hope our support paves the way for more scientific breakthroughs to help others regain the gift of sight.
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn Mitchell
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