How to Thank your Donor's Family

December 18, 2015 -- Many cornea transplant recipients express gratitude for the generous gift of the person who donated their cornea upon their death. You can share your appreciation. In fact, the Cornea Research Foundation helps to facilitate delivery of letters to donor families for those who have their transplant at Price Vision Group.

Since all tissue donations are anonymous, the Indiana Lions Eye Bank (ILEB) privides a numberic code for each donor when they send the tissue for transplantation. Recipients of this tussue can send their letter of gratitude to our office at 9002 N. Meridian St., Suite 212 Indianapolis, Indiana 46260 and we forward it along with your unique donor code. ILEB then identifies the donor family based on that code and passes on your letter to the next of kin.

ILEB suggests that since donor families grieve in different ways, your letter should be sensitive to their loss. You may include information about yourself, your family, your life and hobbies without using your full name and address for confidentiality purposes. Learn more on their website about this process.
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