Reminder of Graft Rejection Symptoms

If you have had a cornea transplant and are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please consult your doctor's office right away:

R - Redness: graft rejection may present with a red eye
S - Sensitivity: light sensitivity beyond what is typical for you 
V - Vision: decreased vision caused by a cloudy or foggy sensation
P - Pain:  irritation, foreign body sensation or discomfort without a direct cause
Remember, RSVP. 
Most rejections, if caught early, can be reversed with minimal long-term implications. However it is vitally important to continue taking your medications as prescribed by your doctor to maintain healthy vision.
Although your eye doctor cannot check intraocular pressure for glaucoma or measure your vision remotely, some offices may be able to perform a general assessment via virtual or telemedicine exams for patients.
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