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Corneal Transplants

Caring For Your Eyes After Corneal Transplant Surgery

Your transplant must be taken care of in order to be successful.  The following are general guidelines on the care of your eye after transplant surgery:

  1. Always wear a pair of glasses or a shield over your eye for two months after surgery.  This protects your eye from being hit or bumped.

  2. Always wear the shield while sleeping.

  3. Never rub or push on your eye.

  4. Do not get water in your eye for two weeks.

  5. Bring whatever eye medicine you are using to each appointment.

  6. Unless told otherwise, you may do any physical activity except lifting anything over 20 lbs. for two months.

  7. Contact your doctor’s office or your doctor immediately if:
    1. you develop severe pain
    2. your vision gets worse or blurry
    3. your eye becomes red
    4. your eye develops any infection
    5. If any of these symptoms develop, even if it’s on a weekend, call.
  8. It is very important that you take your eye medicines as directed and that you do not miss or run out of your eye drops or ointments.