October 2017

  • Advancements in Cell Regeneration Not Yet as Reliable as DMEK

    Interest is now building to eliminate transplants altogether and allow a person's own endothelial cells to regenerate in a procedure called Descemet's Stripping without Endothelial Replacement. This article, written by Dr. Francis Price and Dr. Matthew Feng share their results on this newer procedure.

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  • CRFA Announces New Rock Inhibitor Study

    The Cornea Research Foundation of America is pleased to announce a new investigational study, “The ROCK Inhibitor Study to Reduce Cornea Transplant Complications”. This study will enroll patients with Fuchs’ dystrophy or other forms of corneal endothelial failure who are undergoing a DMEK cornea transplant with Price Vision Group. The study aligns with the Foundation’s pioneering series of studies that began in 2011 to reduce side effects of corticosteroid eye drops to protect transplant health.

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  • DMEK and the Influenza (Flu) Vaccine

    New research shows DMEK cornea transplant recipients do not need to adjust corticosteriod dosing prior to or after influenza vaccine. Read this article for up-to-date information regarding steroid use and vaccines with DMEK.

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