New Dry Eye Medication Approved by FDA

The Cornea Research Foundation participates in industry-sponsored studies that pay us to enroll patients in high-quality studies to evaluate new treatments for vision problems and provides an additional revenue stream for the Foundation. This is in addition to establishing our own physician-sponsored studies where we identify areas of investigation with our Cornea Transplant Database.
Recently, we participated in sponsored studies that evaluated a new treatment for dry eye, one of the most common eye-related complaints. Dry eye disease affects more than 16 million people in the United States and can eventually lead to damage of the surface of the eye if not treated properly.
We are excited to share that these studies resulted in FDA approval of a new treatment called Xiidra™.   It is the first prescription eye drop approved for the treatment of both signs and symptoms of dry eye, has been approved by the FDA. You can learn more about this new treatment here.
If you are local to the Indianapolis area, have dry eye symptoms and would like information about participating in one of our studies, please email Clorissa at 
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